If he’d been asked to guess Jingle would have known that the worms name was William, he may have even guessed that the tiny creatures full name was William Wormington; but he probably would not have ever known the worms occupation without being told it.

Felix was slightly aghast and this amused Jingle no end.

The worm sat on Jingles shoulder, curled up under one wide leather lapel of the flight jacket he still wore.

“C.. c.. card tricks?”

“Not so easy, no sleeves to hide the cards in…”

“No arms.” Jingle added and William nodded with a little grin.

“You’re not getting it Felix,” William squirmed closer to where Felix buzzed beside them, “I’m not really that kind of magician.”

Felix’s tiny wings were a blur as he flew beside them, perfectly matching their speed in such a way that he appeared almost not to move from their perspective. When Jingle had noticed the wings he had been fascinated by them. They were tiny and almost completely transparent against the fly’s furry little body.

“W.. w.. what other kind is there?”

“I do wondrous acts of…” William paused dramatically and let his gaze stare off into the distance. “Mentalism…” He concluded in an eerie stage whisper.

Jingle could tell that Felix was none the wiser.

“Its like mind reading and stuff like that right?” Jingle asked, more for Felix’s benefit than his own.

William nodded and Jingle could not help but wonder how he actually put his knitted cap on his head.

William smiled.

“Yes,” he said slowly, “I do acts of mind reading…” And then he fixed Jingle with such a stare that the reindeer became convinced the worm was looking into his very thoughts. The worm held the look and Jingle found that he could not look away. The moment stretched out and the worm’s eyes narrowed.

“Yes,” William said even more slowly this time and then he laughed.

“W.. w.. what is it?” Felix moved around in front of them, his eyes darting between them as though following a tennis match of champions.

It was all an act, Jingle was certain of it… Well he thought it was at least… Well, maybe…

“This is an act right?” Jingle asked.

The worm raised one eyebrow in reply and smiled.

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