A Quick Shout Out to any PC Gamer Friends

Anyone who has read and of my HTPC or LAN articles will know that recently I built a computer specifically for the living room, and on this computer I put a copy of the STEAM portal on the off-chance I’d play the odd game.
Personally I’ve found STEAM pretty good for this, it allows me to try out different games, and get reviews from individuals just like me and peruse screen shots and videos all in one place.
I’m not trying to sell this system, I know some really don’t like it and that’s cool, what I am trying to do is do a quick shout out to those who know me who play PC games to consider nipping over to STEAM and friending me up over there (assuming you have an account that is).
My STEAM profile is here…

Or for my other platform profiles you can go to the homepage of my website (neverwhere.co.uk in case you’re reading this elsewhere) and you’ll find links to my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and STEAM pages.

I’m probably most active on Neverwhere and Twitter but I think I may become more active as a content maker on YouTube as well in the future (but this’ll be linked through the other accounts if it happens).

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