Jingle Jiggins is a small grey reindeer who sits on the end of a desk at Worcester BC. His real name isn’t Jiggins of course, its a pseudonym designed to protect the innocent and allow Jingle a certain amount of privacy from curious readers.
“The Adventures of Jingle Jiggins” is, on the surface of it all, a simple adventure story; but many of the people who inhabit the land created by Jingle are real people. Some of these people are just like Jingle, which is to say they are soft and fluffy rather than fleshy and sweaty, but others are just like those who populate the office in which Jingle lives every weekday.
The story, which was originally to be posted in episodic form, has been typed up and presented by a friend of Jingles; but this friend bears no editorial or creative influence over its contents.
Jingle Jiggins hopes you enjoy his adventure, and asks you to please forward any comments to his assistant.

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