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Shredding (Eardrums)!

When I was a child, this was probably in the late seventies so my age was still in single figures, I vaguely remember that I wanted to play the guitar. My mother spoke to a teacher at my school and asked him if he could offer lessons, or if he knew anyone who could, but he declined to help and in my typical way the desire to learn was pushed aside.

So I would suppose that this thought was pushed outside of my peripheral vision but it seems that it never really left me. If I were to be honest this has always been my way, my social laziness has often resulted in me relinquishing dreams and ideas mainly because of the efforts it would take with other people rather than the efforts it might take with myself. Even writing, probably the single most solitary art form, requires others to read it in order for it to have worth so even in this I am lethargic.

But these things never leave a person, they can be pushed outside of our everyday field of view but that doesn’t mean they are gone; and sometime they can reappear without warning.

Where I work we have many small departments sharing one large room and at the end of last year the department on which I worked was shut down and its work transferred to another office. So the few of us on that section found ourselves moved to other sections; which of course meant we ended up with new colleagues.

I was particularly lucky in this regard, the person with which I had worked for the last few years moved with me and those I moved to join where people I knew rather well.

So I bet you know where this is going…

On our little block of four desks two out of the four people inhabiting them happen to be musicians; one is even rather accomplished and boasts multiple instruments under his belt as well as experience with mixing and recording.

On the Sony Walkman NWZ-A15 is use I have a good amount of music he has made over the years sitting alongside the collection of Bowie, Kiss and whatever else I have on there.

So we got talking about music and I told him the story of my own near-miss with it…

…and he grinned.

About three months later I walked into a local guitar shop and listed off a selection of requirements and twenty minutes later I had purchased a guitar, amp and assorted accessories. Another twenty minutes or so of chatting later and I made my way home.

This was on the 1st July 2017, twenty days ago as I write this.

Since then this work colleague has supplied me with a steady series of lessons, chords to learn and scales to try as well as a few simple tune to try to master.

Now if you’ve read this far you may be wondering how I’m doing, and the truthful answer is that I have no idea. My fingers are sore and my index finger especially feels particularly tender, the tunes I’ve been given to learn seem no more like tunes than they did at the beginning (except for on one, very special, occasion when one seemed to sound just right) and I still manage to stumble over the chords.

So am I improving?

I have no idea.

But am I glad I’m doing it?

I certainly am.