Funny Things

Finding this funny might be childish but i had to leave the s... on Twitpic

Above is an image taken by Dave Taylor while he was waiting in a shop. It amused him mainly – I believe – because he has the intellectual capacity of a nine year old but also because, well… it’s pretty funny.

In the background is a magazine apparently called “Fish n’ Tits”, or at least thats what I HOPE its called as it will perhaps be the perfect magazine for someone who is a lover of both fish and chips and, well, you know what of I’m sure.

It did strike be as funny, but then most things do these days. It seems more and more that the only way to deal with anything is to smile to youself and remind anyone who cares to listen that “you can’t educate pork”. Thats my cure all saying of late, my way of saying to myself, “just don’t think about it mate, move on.”

I’ve had a week off work and tomorrow I’m back at it.

Needless to say I feel my mood is a little “low”.

I’vealso been neglecting things all over. This blog for example. I feel as though I should say to people “move along, nothing to see here.”

In the immortal words of the Bard… “Ah, bollocks.” (Or something like that).

Back to it.

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