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I’ve probably been writing since the mid 1980’s, ever since s a friend of mine bought a typewriter and started giving me his work to read. His interest in creating stories eventually rubbed off on me and I started doing the same, but instead of passing the stories around I kept them to myself.

So a lot of these original attempts never saw the light of day and were probably erased from existence pretty rapidly after their inception.

This practice of write-read-delete went on for some time, and hasn’t entirely disappeared to this day. A lot of what I write never makes it to anyone else’s eyes. I can sometime spend considerable time on something, weeks or months, and then decide its going nowhere almost arbitrarily; and once this decision is made the project disappears.

So the stories that finally make it to this site are a small percentage of those I actually write. A series of natural disasters (and the occasional assassination) take the rest.

Much is the same with the scripts I’ve written, perhaps these are even more endangered because some are written in collaboration with other people (and they therefore have to run the gauntlet of two paranoid sociopaths instead on just one).

The wonderful thing about scripts is how fast they can be written, and therefore though probably less of them actually make their way to the public this still means there are a good amount of them that does.

Anyway; to get to the point of this post.

Most of the readable stories are now online, and the ones that aren’t have to be transcoded form longhand notebooks so they may never be seen (who actually wants to do that?!).

So that leaves a few dozen short scripts and one or two feature length scripts that I can upload for the dubious pleasure of anyone who wanders onto my site.

Currently I’m looking at alternatives in relation to this project. The easiest way to upload a script, because of their slightly odd formatting, would be in PDF format but this is something I’ve never liked. This is because I would prefer to show scripts in-line with the rest of the site, meaning that in the future I can transfer databases, or change themes with less difficulty.

What I use has to be something relatively easy, as there are a few documents to work through and I don’t want to turn this into… well… WORK! (Shudder.)

I may do this over the weekend; this of course, is after I get myself sorted on the Romero Appreciation articles.

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