The Court of Cadavers (A Poem)

Give that darkened graveyard a wide berth
Unless you feel like livin’ under the earth,
Makin’ friends with the earthworms,
And the scurrying bugs abound.

The dead there will grin their skull grins,
While they invite you inside their coffins,
Shuffling in the darkness and decay,
That has settled all around.

From the earth a bony hand appears,
Unseen in the light for many years.
The skeletal hand strikes a blow!
The grave opens up and in you go!

Inside the grave a corpse grants a grin,
While its bony hand ushers you in,
To the Court of Cadavers,
Where horrors fill your head…

The Court of Cadavers asks questions,
Riddles on which your life hangs,
A wish if you win,
Or a home in a mouldering grave,

You know you are wrong with every answer,
Your voice falling into a whisper,
Your mistakes obvious,
With every answer gave.

There was a life you would have preferred,
Instead now finding yourself interred,
With these mouldy corpses,
You find your future made!

Your life was spent looking for treasure,
Searching not for meaning but pleasure,
But that which is not earned,
Has little worth to the dead…

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