Alan Preece is a movie kleptomaniac and comic book addict who has delusions of literary grandeur. During his forty-something years he has had many jobs, and though none of them have been connected with movies, comics or writing he still persists in his belief that he is an authority on all three subjects.

This is either a sad indictment of modern society or an indication that Alan is deeply delusional.

Please peruse the articles, poems and short stories on this website and make your own mind up concerning this statement.

Alan’s favourite film genres are Horror, Science-Fiction and “Craptacular Films” (which he actually believes is a genre); and he is an avid fan of William Shatner.

Alan can usually be found across the web under the name Avalon Enigma, the username usually coupled with an avatar of Rom: Spaceknight (as shown above), who is a character from the Marvel comic of the same name that ran from 1979 through to 1986.

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