Never here, never there, NeverWhere…
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Neverwhere Media consists of a loose group of like minded people situated in and around Worcester, in the heart of the Midlands. Many of the group have been into the film making process for some years, some as writers ans others as actors but we have only recently decided to join forces in an attempt to make short films of our own.


Perhaps the main reason for this is our joint feeling that many short films are little more than show reels that show little regard for the process of storytelling. This is not to say we believe that short films cannot attain a level of quality in its presentation, rather that the presentation should uphold and accentuate the story rather than be a reason in itself for the existence of a film.


With our modest productions we hope to start where film belongs, in story and character, and always allow those aspects to grow ahead of the technical prowess that all so often over powers them. We will endeavour to always remain true to the essentials of the story telling process and live by the mantra that the “Project is King and the Story is its Queen.”