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To the Gamers: How Do You Choose Games?

To the Gamers: How Do You Choose Games?

Not only that but how do you choose what game to play if you’ve purchased a few together?

I have kind of a system for this; it’s not a designed system but rather one that’s naturally formed. I see a screenshot I like then I look at online video; if the footage looks okay I wish-list it and wait for it to drop a little in price (I rarely buy full priced games). This little process means I often buy "packs" of games so I have multiple purchases every couple of months.

Then it’s a case of figuring out what to play first.

So I run through the first level or so of each game and rotate them until I get to one that I "can’t put down" and this game will dictate the game "type" I’ll play until something interrupts the flow of titles.

So is this similar to how you choose a game? If not what process do you have?