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Terminator Genysis

The fifth film in the Terminator franchise is less of a reboot than it is a reset of the Terminator universe. Cleverly entwining in its first quarter a "best hits" of the first two films the film then suddenly takes a sharp left turn into the unknown.

Fans of the franchise will notice many elements, mostly shot for shot, that are identical to previous films which give a firm sense of familiarity and makes the changes in the narrative all the more surprising. Those familiar with the comics based on the series will also notice elements taken from the 1990 NOW Comics’ prequel "All My Futures Past"; elements which are used to great affect.

Terminator Genysis is the bravest attempt at a reboot in recent memory, a film that cleverly resets the universe for future films while also acknowledging the films that have come previously. It is ideal for both fans of the series and those new to the complex Terminator franchise.