A Work In Progress

I’ve spent the weekend carefully going through the documents for both Encounter at Carlin Cove: and Other Stories and the forthcoming “Family: and Other Horrors”, cleaning them up and fixing any errors I can find in them.

Yeah, there shouldn’t be any errors in Encounters, I know, but there were and I was pretty disappointed in myself with what I found. Thankfully an error found is an error fixed, so ultimately its a good thing.

The reason why I did this was because someone introduced me to the program Scribus and I took a day learning it and re-rendering the master PDF for the paperback version of Encounters, and was greatly surprised at the quality the program produces.

From Encounters I moved on to Family: and Other Horrors, which is still a little light at the moment (its shy a coupleof stories that I’m polishing) but I think that the book is getting close to being release worthy.

Scibus has opened my eyes to how to put together another project I’ve been working on too, an image heavy one that I originally thought was a bit of a pipe dream.

posted by Alan Preece
on October, 18

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