Ayame Misaki – Gravure Idol and Actress

Ayame Misaki 水崎綾女 is a pretty 19 year old gravure idol from Hyogo prefecture. Her real name is Ayame Tsuzaki 津崎綾女 and she started modeling at age 16 with her first photo book Hatsunetsu in 2005. She has since appeared in several photo books and 9 DVDs and won the best gravure prize at the 29th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan.

Name: Misaki Ayame (水崎綾女)
Real name: Tsuzaki Ayame (津崎綾女)
Birthdate: April 26th, 1989
Birthplace: Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Blood type: B
Height: 163cm
Bust: 92cm (F cup)
Waist: 62cm
Hips: 92cm
Shoe size: 24cm
Hobbies: Singing, playing sports
Favorite quotes: “Naseba naru” (If it can make, it will become); “Soushisou ai” (Mutual love)

She appeared as Miki Saotome 早乙女 ミキ, in Cutie Honey The Live キューティーハニー THE LIVE, the live-action production of the popular Cutie Honey manga and anime series which also stars fellow gravure idol Mikie Hara 原幹恵. Previously she had appeared on Fuji TV’s お母さん ぼくが生まれてごめんなさい, a TV commercial for TsutatsuPublishing and will be in the upcoming horror movie The Incident ハプニング~生存者0 and next year’s Shonen Merikensack 少年メリケンサック.

Gravure Idol videos:

  • Wild Fancy
  • One
  • Iris
  • Angel Kiss
  • Misaki’s Ayamemory
  • Doki Doki
  • Koto na Kokoro
  • Hatsunetsu
  • Action


  • Ain’t No Tomorrows | Oretachi ni Asu wa Naissu (2008)


  • Saisei no Machi (NTV / 2009)
  • Ghost Friends (NHK / 2009)
  • Cutie Honey The Live (TV Tokyo / 2007-2008)

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