Encounter at Carlin Cove: and Other Stories now on Kindle Unlimited

Like the blog title says Encounter at Carlin Cove: and Other Stories is now on Kindle Unlimited for those who have an account.

Encounter at Carlin Cove: and Other Stories consists of twelve short stories of a horror/fantasy vein taken from almost a hundred I have written over the years.

The stories are:


In which a man searching for his mothers grave find something unexpected.

The Illness Model

Where a therapy session makes a therapist doubt his vocation.

Tears in Rain

A Grandfather tells his Grandson a tale about his first love and the monster he meets at her graveside.

Encounter at Carlin Cove

A man and wife experiencing marital difficulties finds a trip to the coast makes the situation a whole lot worse.

Those Twilight Hours…

Two men with very differing opinions on women await their dates, but are undecided what to do about them when they arrive.

The Maiden of the Marsh

A man finds a very unusual artifact with which he becomes obsessed.

…And The Bride Whispers

Two police officers investigate a murder/suicide but find that the motives are far closer to them than they first believe.

Staff Spirit

Two women meet in an office, and strike up a friendship in spite of some rather large differences between them.


A powerful Witch finds herself in a position that all the power in the world can’t change.

That Dark Music

Boy meets girl, boy helps girl, girls ex tries to eat boy. A tale as old as time…

The Room

In a city of 5 million its easy to feel alone, and loneliness not only damages the mind…

The Intruder

The FBI estimates there are more than 25 serial killers active in the US, this is the tale that one of them might tell.

posted by Alan Preece
on September, 28

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