Logo’s, Buttons and Black Birds…

Today I uploaded the new logo for the site, designed and created for me by Paul Hill, THE go-to guy for first class graphic art. I got to say I think he outdid himself on this one. When I asked him I kind of knew what I wanted and the first and foremost rule was: keep it simple. The addition of the raven was a really nice touch and the fact that Paul managed to give this logo real character with so little manipulation is a testament to Paul’s confidence in his abilities.

I’d have probably layered it with so many filters and textures the thing would’ve looked like a shirt from a 70’s porno film.

Now I’ve set him the task of making me a version of this logo that I can animate for the opening credit sequences for the films we are intending to make. I have an idea for how to do this, so there are little extras I’ve asked him to include that will probably only appear for moments in the animation.

With the much greateer resolution the detail that will be visible means that textures and other complications will have to creep into the design, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Paul will include these things without over complicating the design itself.

I have no doubt he’ll manage it though.

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