Panasonic DMC GH-2

I’ve probably been talking about getting a new camera now for… well… probably the last ten years or so; but its been the last eighteen months that the need for it has begun to really make itself known to me. Back in the last millennium I made films, most of which were either short promotional videos for various companies or unfinished projects of my own and back then we used a pair of JVC S-VHS camcorders similar to those you see the TV news use. They were huge critters and weighed considerably on a persons shoulder after a relatively short time.

Things change though, so very fast it seems at the moment.

The Panasonic DMC GH-2 I ended up purchasing with which I intend to continue this little hobby arrived a few days ago and, fully boxed, it was still smaller than the body of that old JVC. Unboxed I was pretty shocked, I knew that the GH-2 was considered a small camera but I have to admit I didn’t realise just HOW small it was going to be. The idea that this little thing could produce video footage that was very close to the 2K quality of films like AVATAR it frankly rather shocking, and more than a little daunting.


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