A Fragment.

I got some good news the other night, not that you might think its all that “good”, at least not good enough to crow about; but for me this is.

There was a group of us when we were young (read my previous post for a little more on this), but since the mid 90’s this group has slowly unraveled, threads going off in all directions. Eddie disappeared to London, then reappeared in Worcester only to disappear once more, Mark just went and though I occasionally see him around town it’s near impossible to get the time on these occasions to speak with him properly. The only ones I have kept in real contact with is the brothers, Paul and Deane; Paul it’s been relatively easy to keep in touch with. He frequents our forum (The Dead End Movie Forum) and we talk regularly, meeting up a few Saturdays a month for a drink and a chat.

This leaves Deane, who is considerably harder to keep in touch with. We talk on occasion and we have met up once or twice (so more times than both Eddie and Mark combined) but it has still become a struggle.

A lot of the reason is due to that thing called “life”. As we grow older we accumulate responsibilities (yes, even a reprobate like me) and with responsibilities come a certain amount of burden.

I maintain to those who listen (or care) that we are all a sum of those we know and those who have influence over us and when we no longer have contact with those people we are often worse off because of the loss. We may not realize it, often I think people don’t, but I believe this to be true.

Perhaps this is due to our group specifically, perhaps our group was particularly unusual, or perhaps other people don’t see what is staring them in the face?

That a question for another time; but what I maintain is that I believe that its a detriment to me.

So my good news is simple news, our fragmented group is one fragment less with the new inclusion of Deane on our Blackbridge Community Server under the guise of “OgitArt”, a new site that is currently under construction.

Deane is online now and I hope he is reading this (hi mate!) and I know that he is a significant step closer to what is the aim of The Blackbridge Community Server; and what is that aim you might be asking…

Its whatever you want it to be, that is after all the meaning of “community”.

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