A little bit of Gibbering…

I was thinking the other night, not something I do that often if I can help it but occasionally I let slip and find myself driving the highways of the mind. Of course driving can be tiring so it wasn’t long before I pulled over into a the forecourt of a Cerebellum Café and parked up for a while.

I watched the night life pass, for some reason it always seems like just after midnight in my mind, and considered going into the Café for a coffee and a ring doughnut when the car stereo turned itself on and I heard an episode of the Dead End Show playing.

I listened…

There were two people talking who sounded undeniably dimwitted, a farmer and a fellow who seemed to say “yaaw” a lot. Presiding over these people (people is a word I use broadly and without any implication of “humanity”) was another fellow who seemed, by comparison nearly human and possessing some form of intelligence.

I knew who all these people were of course, I’m slightly unbalanced but not at all stupid, but I couldn’t quite equate the farmer I heard on the ‘cast as the physical construct that housed the man sat in the car listening to the stereo.


The point to this post?

None what so ever…

One of the reasons I tend not to continue with blogs is that often the things I think about have no actual point to them. When I think of them they seem random, but I don’t actually think that there is much that is truly random in the world; and almost nothing random in the human mind.

I suppose it will always strike me as quite profound that intellectually we know that the person we are looking at when we speak to someone isn’t really the person themselves, just the body that houses them. The real person is in the mass of matter in their skull, or their soul perhaps if you believe in such things.

If that can be taken as truth, then the same is true of myself…

So if my eyes are not me, and my hands and my face is not me; then where am I?

Am I really sitting in that car outside the Cerebellum Café, wondering if he should go in for that doughnut?

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