Ink(2009) Movie Review

In Ink things lurk beside us on the streets and sit beside our beds whispering. There ate two factions, those who provide our dreams and those who deal in the world of nightmares.

But there are those in this twilight world that exist but don’t align themselves with either side. These are Drifters and it is one such creature who desires desperately to find a route to a better existence. Ink desires a place with the Incubus, those who deal with darkest nightmares, and to do so he must bring them an offering.

In the form of a child called Emma.

It is quickly clear that every penny of Inks 250,000 dollar budget is on the screen. The design of Ink’s sets and effects uses its small budget extremely well indeed. Though it is also clear from the onset that what the viewer is about to experience is a character driven movie where the effects are merely there to heighten the mood of the piece.

What follows is a well conceived and executed fantasy that deserves a far bigger audience, from a director who understands the fantasy genre better than the big-budget hacks that all too often exploit it.

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