Pride of Baghdad (Graphic Novel)

In Baghdad zoo a small pride of lions wait, discussing the possibility of escape with their antelope neighbours; but before the plan can take place the roar of machines breaks the silence and explosions rock the city.

When they awake in the rubble the pride are free to wander the wastes of Baghdad trying to find a place to call home.

Pride of Baghdad is one part The Lion King to two parts utter reality. In it the animals speak, but the sentiments expressed are not those that would be used by Disney. Their starvation is close, but their relationship with “The Keepers” will not allow them to casually eat the people they discover on their journey.

The pride, as their name suggests, know nobility and they know what that word entails. However as they discover the world around them they wonder if the same can be said of “The Keepers”, the makers of the machines that litter the landscape.

Pride of Baghdad is a haunting and memorable work that is certain to stay with the reader long after the final page is turned; and it is highly recommended.

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