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So I had a chat to a couple of old friends the other night, I’d sent out a link to the book to them in the hopes they might want to read it, or pass it on to someone who would.

As you might expect they did, because… well, they’re friends and that’s what friends do isn’t it. Friends also give you unsolicited advice, so I got a bit of that too, but as usual from this particular group the advice was good advice (there are many times I know I should have listened to them in the past, but to my folly I didn’t).

You need to rethink the website, was the advice in a nutshell, links so we can find the book, links so we can find you.

So there’s been a minor amount of work putting up an instant preview (that incidentally contains the whole first story of the book complete) as well as links to this page and my profile over on Amazon. Then I realised that I was still using the “thinking devil” image I usually use on the internet and I was presented with an obvious change I had to make; but I didn’t really want to.

I have friends who are pretty good with a camera, one who was a professional who worked alongside photographers who are household names in the UK, but of course this is all a moot point when none of them can get to me!

So not only am I not particularly photogenic, or particularly good with a camera, but I also can’t rely on one of my friends making me look presentable for the internet viewing public!

Ah, well…

So I do what we all do in such a situation, I whip out the phone and point it at myself and try not to look too much of an idiot when I hit the shutter release.

posted by Alan Preece
on October, 08

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