The Fall (2006)

As with Tarsem Singh’s first film (”The Cell”) The Fall is lyrical, beautiful and somehow deeply flawed, and in some ways it is the flawed elements of his work that gives it its quality as a piece of cinema. The movie tells the story of a hospitalised  Hollywood stunt man in the 1920’s who is mourning a starlet who left him for another man. While inside he meets a young girl who has also suffered a fall and between them they begin concocting a fantastical tale of love and revenge.

“The Fall” is a movie that should be seen, if only for its wonderful imagery. The story is well written and pace is maintained throughout but, second only to its imagery, “The Fall’s” characterization is what wins the day. Lee Pace is good as the injured stunt man, but it’s his young audience, Alexandria ( played by newcomer Catinca Untaru ) that steals the show whenever she is on screen.


(This is an except from a longer review from my work blog and the now defunct

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